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3D MAZE - goin' old school

2013-03-14 02:36:39 by NoLanLabs

Do you like Wolfenstein 3D? Do you like the Windows Maze screensaver?

Then you'll love this Flash raycasting demo I just threw together. b941b0efddeb71316c33

I know it's nothing new, but I'd like to turn it into an actual game, not just a tech demo. As far as I know, an old-school raycasting FPS hasn't been done as a Flash game.

Next up:
-wall collisions

3D MAZE - goin'  old school

Pizza buffet fun times.

2013-03-12 15:53:08 by NoLanLabs

Some pals recently took a trip to the cheapest, classiest buffet in town. This was the result.

You may be wondering: why haven't I released any games lately? Well, it's partially because I've been making shitty videos like the one above, but it's more because I've been slowly working on a new BIG-TIME MEGA GAME that probably won't be done for quite a while yet.

I would like to get back in the game-making game though. If anyone knows of any neat game jams coming up, let me know.

i made a movie

2013-02-21 12:52:54 by NoLanLabs
Updated c5285c346931ce9c4194

The thrilling start to my promising animation career.

Would have been front page material back in '99 or so.

It's your last chance to VOTE 100% Complete for Game of the Year! Click this link, check the box at the top that says "game of the year," then click "Vote" - it's that easy! Bonus news: just named 100% the 8th best free platformer of the year :O

Hey I'm working on a big new game! It's basically a top-down arena shooter where you can make your own block-based maps. Sort of like a cross between Bomberman and Minecraft, sort of. The big draw, I hope, is going to be the multiplayer deathmatch (only local multiplayer for now though - i attempted to put in online and it was way over my programming head). It'll probably have some sort of single-player/campaign mode as well.

When I was a kid any game with a level editor totally blew my mind, so I'm trying to make that a core component of this game. I want people to play the game with their friends, and flip through all the awesome user-created levels, and then edit the levels to make them even better, so it's like a NEW GAME EVERY TIME! also I wanna find out what this NG Passport thing is, 'cause it sounds like just what I'm looking for.

The screenshot shows a really early version of what the level editor looks like so far.

New game screenshot + last chance to VOTE

game of the year?? VOTE!! :O

2013-01-09 23:27:00 by NoLanLabs

Somehow my game 100% Complete is up for a Game of the Year award! It might not be the best game in the field but VOTE FOR IT ANYWAY DO IT NOW

-if you check the box at the top of the page before you click "vote" it will cast the vote for overall game of the year, not just in the "action platform" category.

-you can vote once per day until January 23rd, so that's what I'll be doing for the next two weeks.

-what are you waiting for GO VOTE NOW



game of the year?? VOTE!! :O

Ludum Dare results are in

2013-01-07 23:34:27 by NoLanLabs

Internet Avenger scored first place in the "Humor" category (for the jam).

Ludum Dare results are in

I'm lookin' for music

2013-01-04 18:18:04 by NoLanLabs



2013-01-02 01:44:41 by NoLanLabs

Must be time for a boring recap of what I've done in the past 12 months. I made 18 games last year, here's a breakdown (the numbers don't mean anything, I just like numbers):

1. Maxman43 and I finally got Super Robot Action Game: Resurrection done for Robot Day and we won first place! It is my favorite game I've made, it's kind of a bummer it didn't get more plays - only 16k, while that Internet Explorer parody game I crapped out in 3 days got 56k :O

2. I was part of Team Jones Edward, Game Jam 7 champs! Our team made Uddercover, a pretty silly game loaded with cow puns. The weekend was insanely exhausting but I think we were all really happy with how it turned out (i only wish I hadn't made that second-to-last level so darn hard!) I participated in Game Jam 8 as well, I thought our game was decent but the 48 hour time constraint was a real challenge.

3. I confirmed my suspicion that a successful game is all about the achievements by releasing 100% Complete, the most successful game I've ever made. It won third place in the Stencyl Jam, won a daily 1st, is my only game to get over 4 stars... and it's still on the front page of Addicting Games' Action section, which I think is pretty cool. The reception was absolutely mind-blowing, people just love their acheivements.

4. Super SOPA Bros kind of blew up for a few weeks back when SOPA was still a big deal - it even got a little write-up on Kotaku. The game itself is terribly coded and overall a piece of crap, but I think people thought that was intentional. It wasn't.

5. I had a ridiculous amount of fun working on Tim's Time Travels.

6. Maxman43 and I teamed up for an April Fools Day bro-themed pinball game called Super BroBalls. The reaction from people in the reviews was really funny, mostly the people who didn't "get it."

7. Ereban Dawn won us fourth place for Halloween. The reception was pretty polarized, which I guess was expected since we deliberately didn't explain the game or give any instructions. And a lot of people thought the ghost guy was just annoying.

8. And last week, Perilous Presents won second place in the entirely unpromoted Gift Jam. Aside from nutcasenightmare there wasn't exactly a ton of competition.

9. Oh yeah and this was fun to make, even if it wasn't that fun to play.

If you reeally want more on 2012 you can check this write-up I did in May, but here's what's very tentatively on tap for 2013:

1. Dig Dog! It was sort of in development hell for a while but I'm finally gonna get it done.

2. Hopefully, Super Robot Action Game 2 will be done for Robot Day (it's barely started). It's a direct sequel to the original SRAG so the gameplay will be more like that than Resurrection.

3. BroBalls 2, featuring a special voice acting guest from the Newgrounds community.

4. A sequel to 100% Complete is in the works with another guy, but that one might really take a while.

5. I was working on something overly ambitious for this crazy thing, but it's probably going to fail due to being overly ambitious.

In conclusion.... I typed a lot. It happens. Check out this dog.

Oh and make sure you watch Captain Beatdown, for no reason other than it's awesome.


Merry holidays + new game

2012-12-25 11:48:42 by NoLanLabs

You might like it, you might hate it, but either way you should check it out: PERILOUS PRESENTS, a new game for the NG gift jam. Big thanks to Tom for the front page action.

Featuring fantastic music from Fantomenk.

Have a great December 25.


Merry holidays + new game

Christmas Eve Eve Update

2012-12-24 00:24:34 by NoLanLabs

It might be good. It might be the worst game you've ever played. But either way, in 2 days this game is coming to an Internet near you for Newgrounds Gift Jam 2012!

The art has an old-school Apple II-style vibe that I think is pretty cool. The gameplay on the other hand... it's still coming together. We'll see how it turns out.

Hope you're all having the best of holidays.

Christmas Eve Eve Update