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Game Jam 8

2012-10-10 23:39:26 by NoLanLabs

I'm setting up a team for the Game Jam this weekend. I'm pretty pumped for this.

EDIT: our team has been selected.

My previous Game Jam adventures:
#7: Uddercover
#5: GoBots: The Game

New game and other stuff

2012-09-04 19:34:39 by NoLanLabs

I just finished a NEW game called Back to Cool, and you can play it right here on Newgrounds.

Me and another guy are working on a sequel to 100% Complete right now, it's gonna be super awesome.

Don't forget to vote for those monthly winners.

Are you playing Back to Cool yet? Go play it NOW

New game and other stuff

Back To Cool! It's a NEW game!

2012-09-03 23:45:56 by NoLanLabs

Check it out!

Back To Cool!  It's a NEW game!

new game coming real soon

2012-09-03 00:06:11 by NoLanLabs

The COOLest game of the summer, Back to Cool, hits Newgrounds on MONDAY NIGHT. First person to post a review wins a free something.

Also follow this for awesome updates.

new game coming real soon

I need some COOL music

2012-08-19 20:32:52 by NoLanLabs

EDIT: I found the music I needed. But thanks to everyone who answered, I may contact you for stuff in the future...

I'm not asking for much, but I need a COOL music loop that can play in the background of this COOL game I'm making. It's called "Back to Cool"; it's an elevator jetpack stealth game about going back to school.

I don't have a specific musical genre in mind, just something that fits the theme of being really COOL, like with the cool sunglasses and whatnot. The title screen is attached below and here's a screenshot of some in-game action. I could even send you a playable demo if you want.

Any musicians interested? You could make a new song or give me something you've already made from the AP. The contest for this game ends on the 30th of this month, so I'd need the music before then. And I can share some of the revenue with you, but I can't promise there will be much to share.

I need some COOL music

Tips for 100% Complete

2012-08-02 13:42:04 by NoLanLabs

Thanks to everyone who played my Stencyl Jam game 100% Complete. Front page and daily first and whatnot, it really turned out better than I thought it would.

If you're having trouble with the game, I put a few tips up on the game page that I can elaborate on here:

#1 - The 100% medal is not broken. You have to press R and go through the door again to get it, then you'll get the medal and a little win screen (which may not be rewarding enough but it's all about the medals right?).

#2 - The game doesn't autosave. Don't reload the page or you'll be sorry. I typically try to put autosave in all my games but I don't know how to do that in Stencyl and submitted the game with 15 minutes left in the contest anyway.

#3 - If you really want to spoil the whole game (or just can't find that eraser and tissue box), some guy I don't know posted a walkthrough on YouTube. Thanks, TechYoyo1.

#4 - If you REALLY liked the game, there's a "donate" button on the About screen :)

In other news
-Winning the Game Jam and Robot Day game contest last week was really cool. I couldn't have done it without all these cool guys.
-I have the Twitter. Do you? We should be Twitter friends.
-The screenshot below is from Dig Dog. It's like Dig Dug but with a dog.

Tips for 100% Complete

Super Robot Action Game: RESURRECTION

2012-07-09 18:17:37 by NoLanLabs

UPDATE: the game has been RELEASED! Go play it now!


A new game coming to Newgrounds for ROBOT DAY 2012! The sequel to last year's award-winning Super Robot Action Game! Set for release TONIGHT at midnight! Yeah!

Super Robot Action Game: RESURRECTION

I just finished 7dfps

2012-06-16 02:31:09 by NoLanLabs

This week was the 7dfps challenge. I made this game called Vectricity.

It's a retro vector-graphics 1980s-style shooter - like old Atari games. If you liked old games like Battlezone and Tempest, you just might enjoy it. Otherwise, you might find it a bit boring as the NG reviewers seemed to.

For making it in one week I am pretty happy with it. For anyone who cares they can read all about the development in this hastily written post-mortem I threw together just now. You can even get the messy source code if you really want to.

Game jams of any kind are just awesome and anyone who likes to make games should really give one a try. For me anyway it's a great way to just get something done and released, especially if you've been working on a long project (I am) and need a break to do something easier. There's a mini Ludum Dare this weekend, probably going on right now, and the real Ludum Dare is two months away. Also there's that Newgrounds game jam at the end of the month. Anyone taking the time to read this probably already knows that.

Anyway that's what I've been up to. Back to work on Dig Dog now, it's turning out pretty good I think. Also I've been making some electronic music but that has nothing to do with games at all.

I just finished 7dfps

1 Year on Newgrounds

2012-05-28 01:24:52 by NoLanLabs

One year ago today (actually yesterday) I joined Newgrounds. For the 2 people who read this, here's a quick look back at some of the highlights of the past 365 days. Yeah.

Over the past year, I completed and posted 23 games, ranging from pretty good to terrible. The first one was Cookie Chase, a mouse-avoiding game I made with the ancient (but free) LiveSwif software over the course of several months. I actually don't think the game's too bad, but the terrible soundtrack (thrown together in GarageBand while half-asleep at 3 a.m.) really killed it.

I made a few more LiveSwif games (my favorite one is SpaceBox, mostly due to this guy's great soundtrack) before moving on to real Flash and Actionscript 2. Me and maxman43 made this for last summer's Game Jam, our first game to hit the Front Page and, because of that, very badly reviewed. I played through it again a couple weeks ago and it's really not that bad.

Throughout the rest of 2011, I made a crappy mouse avoider game that I spent way too much time on, a "menu screen" joke game that I still think is pretty funny, a couple of decent Ludum Dare games, this piece of poop that won me a free mousepad (so cool!), wasted the whole month of October on Sellout, and made an iPhone app (it's free). Also I should mention that Super Robot Action Game won maxman43 and I second place at Robot Day.

I started 2012 with my most successful game ever, an anti-SOPA game that got over 800,000 plays, coverage in Kotaku, and won fourth place for the entire month of January on Newgrounds (still really proud of that). The game itself was terribly coded in two days, but people really liked the idea.

For April Fool's Day me and maxman43 made Super BroBalls, a parody pinball game that was really fun to make, thinking up all the silly "bro" phrases. About half the people thought it was funny and the other half just didn't get it.

Other games I'm somewhat happy with:
Tim's Time Travels - 32 classic games made in one weekend for an LD thing
The Unbeatable Path - impossibly hard controls, but if you can make it through the 20 levels I think it's a really well-designed game.
Achromatized - a big crazy exploration puzzle platformer
Little Locations - made for last month's Ludum Dare, I thought it turned out really well

I think I learned a lot over the past year about what makes a good game and I'm pretty excited for the future. Currently I'm working on a sequel to Little Locations; Dig Dog, a turn-based puzzle game inspired by Dig Dug; and Super Robot Action Game: Resurrection. I hope to make something for the Stencyl Jam too. The rest of 2012 should be great. Newgrounds is awesome.

New games

2012-05-06 15:03:09 by NoLanLabs

I'm working on them.