Game Jam: Rob's Cabin Quest!

2012-10-14 20:34:26 by NoLanLabs


48 hours ago, this game existed only in the minds of four ambitious game developers. Now it's REAL!

Take control of Rob, an adventurous boy dressed as a ninja on Halloween, as he attempts to rescue his family from various spooky monsters. It's like a cross between Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Binding of Isaac.

Big thanks to Team Pogostick for making this happen: Spudzy, Adam Bielgard, and xSakux. Add these guys to your Favorites, they're awesome!

If I could say one thing about this Game Jam, it's that 48 hours is really short. The 72 hour jams were pretty tight but this one was a last-minute crunch.

So check out Rob's Cabin Quest and all the great Game Jam 8 games!

Game Jam: Rob's Cabin Quest!


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2012-10-14 22:13:28

We got a winner right here.