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Super Tom Fulp ATV

2012-04-28 00:58:08 by NoLanLabs

A few days ago after I read Mr. Fulp's post about banning shovelware like crappy ATV/BMX games and such, I wanted to make an ATV parody game for Pico Day in honor of all those classic Newgrounds games about to be blammed. This is as far as I got before I gave up.

Super Tom Fulp ATV


2012-04-08 01:48:18 by NoLanLabs

For anyone pissed off/confused/offended by our latest game, this review by thescaryman explains it better than I could:

No one seems to get the humour of this game. F*cking nerds. This game is supposed to be made by "bros" entitling that it is a shitty game made by those frat kids and shit that always say bro. They cant be all that smart to make a good game so they make the simplest most shitty game in the world and call it bros. I personally liked thought it was funny.

Play this game, bro! It's BRODACIOUS

new game coming soon

2012-03-27 22:01:58 by NoLanLabs

It's almost done! Made in Stencyl, hopefully it turns out great.

new game coming soon

I made a new game!

2012-02-08 18:27:46 by NoLanLabs

To celebrate this great new redesign I just uploaded a NEW flash game! Click that link right up there to go play Cookie Chase right now.

The game is a made-from-scratch Flash port of an iPhone game I made a while back. It's also FREE so if you have one of those fancy Apple gadgets you can get it on the App Store HERE.

(The game is based on my first Flash game ever, a crappy LiveSwif-made game with horrible music. There's also a Christmas version.)

I made a new game!

Cookie Chase

2011-11-20 21:48:35 by NoLanLabs

A few months ago, NoLan Labs released its first Flash game, Cookie Chase, on Newgrounds. A much-improved version is currently in development for the iPhone! More updates to come at a later date.

Super Mouse Adventures

2011-08-20 15:37:20 by NoLanLabs

Work continues on the upcoming NoLan Labs game, "Super Mouse Adventures". The game will be a significant update from the original, as more than 30 power-ups and 50 levels have already been developed. The game even features a full eight-song soundtrack from Lame Sauce! Here's a screenshot in case you missed it. More updates to come soon.

The Unbeatable Path

2011-07-29 10:53:46 by NoLanLabs

The Unbeatable Path, the latest game from Nolax, has just been released. Go play it now.

The Unbeatable Path

Due to the popularity of the first release of Mouse Adventures, NoLan Labs has announced that a sequel, entitled "Super Mouse Adventures," is currently in development. Super Mouse Adventures will retain the classic gameplay of the original, while featuring numerous improvements, including better graphics, power-ups, multiple levels, great background music from Lame Sauce, and much more. While the top-secret game files remain in the Labs under tight security, NoLan Labs has allowed the attached screenshot to be shared with the public. With unprecedented levels of anticipation, the upcoming release of Super Mouse Adventures is sure to be one of the biggest video game events of the year.

Special announcement from NoLan Labs