Got my Toilet Paper.

2014-05-02 17:34:16 by NoLanLabs


That's all.


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2014-05-02 18:07:12

Lucky git. They've stopped selling that toilet paper, and I need to shit desperately.


2014-05-02 18:34:09



2014-05-02 21:48:10

Even after every event


2014-05-03 02:09:54

Took only a day for me to get mine. I bought 2 rolls, just to be safe, still debating if I wanna use the sticker off one of them... I could've gotten free TP and stickers when I was there, guess I'm too anal :|


2014-05-03 03:08:34



2014-05-03 14:51:58

Woah just a month later! A few people brought their TP by our the Behemoth booth at PAX so I could sign it. TP is hard to sign.

(Updated ) NoLanLabs responds:

It actually came in the mail a couple weeks ago, I just forgot to share the big news until now.


2014-05-08 11:13:00

Why sign? Just use it to give it the more personal touch Tom .)


2014-07-03 19:31:55

DJDarkdash just PMed me about The Unbeatable Path, figured I'd stop by and ask how you were.
It's a day early but, happy 4th!

NoLanLabs responds:

Thanks man, i'm doing alright! Actually working on something for Robot Day 2014, but I have no idea if it will be done in time. How's it going with you?


2014-07-07 20:02:34

Hopefully better. I bid on a Hi8 camera I use to use in the old days, it should play back my old footage so it doesn't look like crap. I was about 1/2 way through editing Disposable People episode 3 when my cameras got wet in 1999 |: