Sneak Peek at my next BIG GAME

2013-09-30 22:39:16 by NoLanLabs


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2013-10-01 00:11:20

GOTY 2013


2013-10-01 00:41:07

I'm so exited. Been waiting for this game so long time bro.


2013-10-01 01:31:38

League of clicks


2013-10-01 07:05:47

Some Ad-block pun? :P Looks interesting.


2013-10-01 09:58:58



2014-02-25 23:20:16

Damn, Happy New Year! Nice to see you're still busy, but are you still continuing to work on the above dumped game? Imagine how much richer you would be, if you ported all your Flash games over to one of those newfangled portable OSes, and sold them on iTunes, or something... gets frustrating seeing simple derpy games make a killing, doesn't it?

NoLanLabs responds:

Hey man. This game is far from dumped, but it's certainly on a hiatus due to school and generally being busy. I really hope that I can finish it and make a triumphant return to Newgrounds one day, but for now I have too much on my plate.

Great to hear from you again and good to see Newgrounds is still going strong. I try to check in when I can.


2014-02-27 01:26:45

Be seeing you in April? Funny, I never check my email, but I caught the Pico invite a few hours after Tom sent it.


2014-03-10 17:56:02

Hey i have stencyl! except i can barely use it

NoLanLabs responds:

This was not Stencyl, just plain old AS3.