shitty voice acting request

2013-09-18 00:45:47 by NoLanLabs

I need some shitty voice acting for a really dumb game I'm making. Like, it's a game that won't look good on your profile or anything. So if you're interested in contributing to a crap/joke project, I need someone(s) to say:

-and some other stuff I might think of later.

I don't care if you're like a pro voice actor or anything. The worse it sounds, the better, probably.

What's in it for you? REVENUE SHARE. so much revenue share. which will probably be like 5cents.

so let me know if you're interested in this Exciting Collaboration opportunity!!

edit: response has been pretty good so far, I'm gonna try to use as many people's voices as I can.

shitty voice acting request


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2013-09-18 00:46:22

How can you say no to that guy's face?


2013-09-18 00:55:50

By being a professional asshole.


2013-09-18 01:19:47

5 cents? I'm actually interested.


2013-09-18 01:22:11

I am totally down for this.


2013-09-18 01:49:57

Sounds fun, I might turn on the mic, and sound like the announcer from GTA 2 :) If you put medals in it, I'm sure it won't suck!


2013-09-18 02:32:23

I worked on a Skyrim mod once. It didn't come to completion and I felt inadequate half way through. I had a starring VA role and I didn't feel like I had the right gear for it at the time, you know? I ended up editing the scripts instead. The head guy was Polish, so he was SERIOUSLY bad at English grammar. If it's just fucking around, I'm sure I could squeeze something out for you. What do you want, like, announcer-esque voices? Or an obnoxious voice? I can totally do obnoxious if you want. If it's got anything to do with the demonic, I have a nice selection of voices up for that one too, though I doubt that would work if it's as dumb as you say. Hit me up with a PM if you'll have me.


2013-09-18 15:13:41

Pm me if you want bad!


2013-09-18 15:33:13

This might be fun, I think I will give it a try. I'm French, but I can speak English with just tenses' problems. But I will do my worst for this.


2013-09-18 15:50:20

Do you want us to record it and send it over or wait for you to pick one of us? I'm sure I can say a few words and make it sound bad.


2013-09-19 01:05:55

Just be like

I'm down with it