The Newgrounds API is Awesome

2013-08-06 23:59:43 by NoLanLabs

Just wanted to give a big-time shoutout to Mike and the whole crew for making the best flash game API ever. This game I'm making needs some seriously hardcore file saving/loading action, and the API has made it all really, really smooth. You guys rock, keep up the awesome work.

I have no idea if this is possible, but it'd be totally rad if the API could be somehow ported to HTML5 or maybe Unity, so if/when Flash actually ever "dies", this awesome programming tool wouldn't be obsolete.

Bonus screenshot of my very-WIP custom level browser:

The Newgrounds API is Awesome


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2013-08-07 00:29:09

I love the Newgrounds API too :D Also, Flash won't die!! or so I hope :P

NoLanLabs responds:

I hope it won't either. It's a quality technology.


2013-08-07 00:38:58

From what I've seen, it's a blessing to have such a thing on NG!

Only thing is, it can't be used for multiple access, or in real-time, like a LAN party, online car race.. even an game, where 2 or more people can draw on the same page. Or can it? Would it sync up enough to even try something like that? Seems like the API is a two lane road (to and from NG), that goes from point a to point b (no modifications of a file by another user)...

NoLanLabs responds:

I don't think so, there's definitely some lag when loading/saving files anyway. But that would be an awesome feature to have someday.


2013-08-07 00:42:46

Maybe a haxe/openfl port to cover all languages, though it'd be weird connecting to NG from an exe if it would work at all

NoLanLabs responds:

Yeah, that'd be sort of like the "passport" thing where you could log into NG from another site. I guess that didn't really take off though, I haven't heard of it since Cathode Raybots came out


2013-08-07 10:28:53

Nutcasenightmare actually got most of the API working in HTML5, one of these days we just have to properly document and make that available... Also still need to properly document the Flash API. Have lots of exciting ideas for future stuff that will be even more useful, I hope we can pull it all off.

NoLanLabs responds:

The lack of documentation has sort of made it an adventure.


2013-08-07 16:11:00

Can the NG API or even the Passport system be used for online game saving? I frequently clear out my cache, and kinda get tired of having to manually backup save game files. Nice of Tom to drop by...

NoLanLabs responds:

That should work, the files don't have to be public. Now that you mention it, I should probably implement that in my game..


2013-08-07 19:51:54

Should work fine, right? Dunno why more people don't do that here.. to erase the game saves, you just post a blank file.. and everyone's happy(?)


2013-08-21 21:59:45

Ha, Wonderputt! I played it offline, when I didn't have internet at home (still, don't; I'm using the neighbor's wifi at a significant distance... I mow her lawn and fix things in return). BTW, really enjoyed Brave New World, thanks!

Ever been to ? A buddy of mine here, said he got a good score on a game there... pretty much called him a traitor :\ Really feel bad for Newgrounds at times... maybe venture capital was the way for Tom to go, to the extra bucks needed to update the site.

(Updated ) NoLanLabs responds:

Yeah, the thing is there's soooo much great content here (like 13 years of it, which is way more than any other site), it's just not presented that well sometimes. The collections are a good way to do that but it's hard to get to them too. Like, I can't find a page that lists ALL the collections (at least I don't think so).


2013-08-21 22:33:06

You're right, the collections are all dumped into general categorizes.. they really just need to post the left hand side list of them, instead of the pretty boxes :\

Did find this upon inspection tho

NoLanLabs responds:

ha ha, I need to watch more of the weebl's movies.