happy robot day!

2013-07-10 03:13:13 by NoLanLabs

I didn't make a game this year, which sucks. I'm just involved in too many other projects and stuff right now and it never really came together.

But if you need more robot action, you can check out our games from the past 2 Robot Days:
Super Robot Action Game (it got 2nd place)
Super Robot Action Game: Resurrection (it got 1st place WOW)
(just ignore the "coming soon" message at the end of that second game :/)

Bonus link: I made an awful, unfunny, totally crap sketch comedy show with some friends. Watch it if you hate fun.

Bonus picture: A cool pic of the desert, straight from our pals at Microsoft.

happy robot day!


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2013-07-10 13:49:56

Have a glorious robot day


2013-07-11 12:02:45

Haha, you guys are hilarious. I liked the lame pranks.

NoLanLabs responds:

thanks a lot dude.