I didn't log out

2013-04-10 17:32:10 by NoLanLabs

Ha ha, someone got me.

I didn't log out


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2013-04-11 11:06:42

I think whoever caught you either knows you in RL or will see this news post. :)

Also, I saw you have exactly 2000 reviews. That's a really neat number; congrats for that!

NoLanLabs responds:

Yeah, I thought that was pretty cool too.


2013-04-11 14:16:38

Oh lol, public computer? :P Good thing they didn't do anything else...

NoLanLabs responds:

I think it was just on a friend's computer, actually. But I'm not sure who.


2013-04-14 10:23:38

Good it wasn't "I SUCK DICKS FOR MOOLAH"