3D MAZE: The Update.

2013-03-17 19:57:42 by NoLanLabs

If you're a fan of 1990s-style 3D mazes, you'll possibly enjoy the latest update to my previously-posted-about Flash raycasting engine.

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/09b9e95f4a0c 93f1f33886e313138cd0

^Click da link, grab your arrow keys, and start aimlessly wandering around. Featuring textures ripped straight outta Windows 95.

Still to come:
-Sprites for enemies and pickups and whatnot
-Floor and ceiling textures (I have a working implementation for this, but it's incredibly slow. Anyone got any tips?)
-Shading/lighting effects
-Fix a glitch where you can walk through the corners of blocks sometimes.
-Allow for "sliding" along walls, rather than just stopping when you hit a wall.

Nolanstein 3D is getting better by the day.

3D MAZE: The Update.


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2013-03-17 20:13:10

pretty kewl


2013-03-17 21:29:43

i you, like, provide that as a fla.file, as in an engine thing or something?
cuz it really iz pretty kewl

NoLanLabs responds:

There's no .fla, just .as files. I'll post the code after I polish it up a bit more.


2013-03-17 22:05:14

I've never understood how raycasting turns into this. Not sure how textures work with this, but maybe pixelbender or shaders or something can save the day?


2013-03-18 00:53:11

mmm oldskool

This NEWspost is just getting me WET, peniswet that is


2013-03-18 02:34:07

I came here because of your frontpage message... yup


2013-03-19 12:30:10

*Drool* Ahhh Flashback! *Retrogasm* :D wait! Who will be Hitler in this one?

NoLanLabs responds:

Maybe as an easter egg. Just for you.