New game screenshot + last chance to VOTE

2013-01-23 18:56:29 by NoLanLabs

It's your last chance to VOTE 100% Complete for Game of the Year! Click this link, check the box at the top that says "game of the year," then click "Vote" - it's that easy! Bonus news: just named 100% the 8th best free platformer of the year :O

Hey I'm working on a big new game! It's basically a top-down arena shooter where you can make your own block-based maps. Sort of like a cross between Bomberman and Minecraft, sort of. The big draw, I hope, is going to be the multiplayer deathmatch (only local multiplayer for now though - i attempted to put in online and it was way over my programming head). It'll probably have some sort of single-player/campaign mode as well.

When I was a kid any game with a level editor totally blew my mind, so I'm trying to make that a core component of this game. I want people to play the game with their friends, and flip through all the awesome user-created levels, and then edit the levels to make them even better, so it's like a NEW GAME EVERY TIME! also I wanna find out what this NG Passport thing is, 'cause it sounds like just what I'm looking for.

The screenshot shows a really early version of what the level editor looks like so far.

New game screenshot + last chance to VOTE


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2013-01-23 19:13:16

That's pretty cool, man, & congrats.

NoLanLabs responds:

Thank you.


2013-01-23 21:02:47

How are you (planning on) doing multiplayer? Sometimes I spend so much time on a level editor, idk if it's worth it :D

NoLanLabs responds:

I wanted to use gamepads but I'll have to do it like Newgrounds Rumble - assign players to unused keys, then tell the player to map the keys to a gamepad with Joy2Key or something.

I feel like the multiplayer has the potential to be really fun, but not that many people will play it because it's a flash game, so I pretty much have to put in a single player mode as well.


2013-01-24 01:00:12

Hot dog, this looks fantacular.

NoLanLabs responds:

I like this.