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Pico game failure :(

4/27/13 by NoLanLabs
Updated 4/27/13

I had this great idea for a really cool Pico Day game, a racing game where you could play against your friends and build your own custom maps and just have a great time. So I worked really hard all week to try and make the game a reality, including staying up until 5 AM this morning. But sometimes things just don't work out.

Due to some weird errors with the API (a 2176 security error), I couldn't get the save data working, which is like the main part of the game. Not wanting all my hard work to go to waste, I posted the game anyway, but it's really just a shell of what it could have been. Running out of time plus the issues with the API really killed this one. :(

I'll try taking another look tomorrow, but by then it'll kinda be too late. Hope everyone has a great Pico Day though.

edit: I managed to get the API more or less working, so the track builder should work now.

Pico game failure :(


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so thats why its saving 3-4 copies of the tracks being made...



Even without a save feature, that looks like a lot of fun! I saw it in the Pico Day collection already, going to play it later on. Know that those sleepless nights were not for naught! :P



It sounds like you're running into a security restriction in the Flash Player that allows data to be uploaded only in response in to a user event like a mouse click. Try calling in direct response to a mouse click on a button -- hopefully this solve your issue! Sorry that there wasn't a better error message for this!

4/27/13 (Updated 4/27/13) NoLanLabs responds:

It is on a mouse click, but I think the problem might be that I'm using FlashPunk... I'll try using an actual MouseEvent instead of FlashPunk's Input.mousePressed....?

EDIT: That did the trick, it's working now.



2176 meaning you have to click to load things or show popups? Idk if there are workarounds for that, maybe dispatch your own mouseevent?



I know very well the feeling of working on a Pico Day game up until the last minute and having it end up NOTHING like you had intended. :(



It's not that bad. Just a casual multiplayer racer.



Yeah this shit happens.. Lol my Pico Party Mayhem game last year was supposed to play like Mario Party with a story mode, haha that didn't exactly work out. This is still a neat little game though in my eyes, are you sure you couldn't contact some staff (PsychicGoldfish) about this? Either way, at least it's still a game up on NG now for people to play.

I can empethise, I had a game in which you build cities and you can share them with NG guys but the API was quite the bitch. Hopefully you'll get a good score!