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3D MAZE: The Update.

3/17/13 by NoLanLabs

If you're a fan of 1990s-style 3D mazes, you'll possibly enjoy the latest update to my previously-posted-about Flash raycasting engine. 93f1f33886e313138cd0

^Click da link, grab your arrow keys, and start aimlessly wandering around. Featuring textures ripped straight outta Windows 95.

Still to come:
-Sprites for enemies and pickups and whatnot
-Floor and ceiling textures (I have a working implementation for this, but it's incredibly slow. Anyone got any tips?)
-Shading/lighting effects
-Fix a glitch where you can walk through the corners of blocks sometimes.
-Allow for "sliding" along walls, rather than just stopping when you hit a wall.

Nolanstein 3D is getting better by the day.

3D MAZE: The Update.


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*Drool* Ahhh Flashback! *Retrogasm* :D wait! Who will be Hitler in this one?

3/19/13 NoLanLabs responds:

Maybe as an easter egg. Just for you.



I came here because of your frontpage message... yup



mmm oldskool

This NEWspost is just getting me WET, peniswet that is



I've never understood how raycasting turns into this. Not sure how textures work with this, but maybe pixelbender or shaders or something can save the day?



i you, like, provide that as a fla.file, as in an engine thing or something?
cuz it really iz pretty kewl

3/18/13 NoLanLabs responds:

There's no .fla, just .as files. I'll post the code after I polish it up a bit more.



pretty kewl